Fashion is an art form that hasn’t really kept up with the times. There are fashion designers here and there that have experimented and tried to advance fashion somewhat, but what’s still missing and hasn’t been achieved to this day is a true fusion between fashion and technology. This can’t be a surprise seeing how there hasn’t really been heads of giant tech companies with fashion sense and vice versa. I mean, how can you expect advances in tech inspired fashion when the head of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg wears the same black t-shirt every day. It’s true, Google it. Apparently wearing the same outfit helps him save time that he would normally spend choosing the outfit. Oh-kay, whatever.

In other words what we are missing is someone that has equal interest and is equally talented in both fashion and technology. A person that likes to dress well but at the same time also likes to dabble in the latest tech like FPV remote controlled camera drones, smart gadgets, smartphones, etc. Such a unique blend is possible. There are some new techie gadgets that I have to test, such a off road electric skateboards. Just take a look at for example Apple. They have been creating extremely good looking tech, and I’m sure that if they would choose to revolutionize fashion, they would be able to do it just fine. They’ve blended tech and fashion with a focus on tech. We need someone to do the reverse. Apple isn’t interested in that, so we’re still stuck without a decent attempt at implementing tech and fashion. Individuals who are attempting to do that are out there, and my goal with this website is to write about them, and also about fashion in general.

About Yves

My name is Yves Oliver and I’m the guy behind this website. I live in New York, but I’m originally from Quebec, Canada. I decided to move to New York about 10 years ago, and I haven’t looked back since. Not that there’s anything wrong with Quebec, it’s just that I’m addicted to the fast paced kind of life that New York offers, and Quebec just doesn’t cut it for me. Fashion scene is also much better in New York, seeing how it’s one of the major fashion centers of the world. I’m a huge fan of both fashion and tech. What this means is that one moment I’m looking at what to wear this spring and next I’m shopping for a remote controlled GoPro camera drone.

I finished LaSalle College in Montreal, with a major in fashion. My love for tech I nurtured by playing with tech in my spare time. With this website I will try to bridge the gap between fashion and tech and talk about topics that relate to both. I might setup a store in the future where I’ll sell some of mine deigns. My day job is that of a dress designer for a small fashion studio here in New York. It’s nothing glamorous, but hey, you have to pay the bills somehow. I hope you’ll stay on my website and that you find something useful here.

Quick info

Tech on runways

Let's elaborate a little bit on what exactly do I mean when I say a merging of tech and fashion. I don't necessarily talk about just the designing some sort of futuristic fabrics, clothes lined with sensors or anything like that. It can be something simple like application of technology in presentation, during runway shows. An example of this would be the use of remote controlled drones during shows. Some designers like Rebecca Minkoff has already done this quite successfully a few years back. She even gave a statement saying that the drone was part of the runway show, instead of just being there to record the models as they walked down the catwalk. The designer thinks, together with her partner Uri Minkoff that drones are going to become a part of our everyday life soon enough. Instead of having selfie sticks to record ourselves, we're going to have camera equipped drones that follow us around. It's not too far fetched seeing a future like that, even though it seems a bit too colder

Tech in production

Another possible application of technology in the fashion industry would be in the production of clothes. Something that I am excited about a lot and I keep very close tabs on is the prospect of using 3D printers to create designer clothes at home. There have already been prototypes of 3D printers that can print clothes. They aren't overly advanced, but with time and dedication from the development teams we could very well reach a point when having a piece of luxury designer clothes is just a single 3D print session away. For that to happen there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. New materials, or should I say fabrics, that can be 3D printed have to be developed. 3D printers that are better suited for printing such materials also have to be thought out and built from scratch. Still the prospect of 3D printing clothes, and 3D printing other things for that matter, at home, from the comfort of a chair, is definitely something that's worth supporting and keeping an eye out.

Fashion and tech

What I talked about until now, drones and 3D printers, is all still experimental. These things are longways off from not being considered freak ideas by some fringe fashion designers. There have however been fashion influences made by technology that found its way to the shelves of mainstream consumers or they are very close to being available to mainstream consumers. One such example is the use of hydrophobic fabrics and hydrophobic coatings in order to create clothing that is essentially completely resistant to water. It's really amazing seeing such clothing in action. Other uses include things like the smart jacket from Levi. It's a jacket that has a built-in touch area. Bluetooth is used in order to connect to the jacket. Small touch display allows the wearer to check time, notifications, control music playback, etc. from the connected Android phone. Other similar "Frankensteins" exist. Best part about this jacket is that its smart features are built into it. It doesn't differ from other "dumb" jackets from the Levis clothing lines. It truly is a worthy effort at mixing fashion and technology.

What About Yves

So yeah, that is essentially what this website of mine is going to be talking about. There is a serious lack of web portals that focus on this type of combination of technology and fashion. With What About Yves I would like to change that. Technology mixing with fashion has the potential to seriously change our world. Take the hydrophobic fabric for example, which has already seen decent enough application in the industry.

Seeing how I’m a fashion designer myself, I might also give it a shot at designing clothes, you know, live what you preach. So far I don’t have any kind of ideas on what to do, and to be honest, I am not handy with technology to the point where I could implement tech in some kind of highly advanced tech piece of clothing. I would need an electronic engineer for something like that. What I can do however is to make futuristic designs that I think are going to be in in the future.

I might add a store to the website, depending on what kind of reception my designs get initially. For the time being this will just be a web portal dedicated to the future of fashion and everything that fashion pioneers are doing out there in the wild. I’ve setup a contact page if you would like to shoot me up a message. Let me know if there’s something that you’d like me to cover, or if you have a high tech piece of clothing that you’ve created and would like me to feature on my blog. That’s it for now.