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Etsy store with steampunk jewelery – CatherinetteRings

Steampunk is a form of science fiction that blends modern technology and 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery in order to create futuristic pieces of home decor, tech, clothing, jewelery, pretty much anything and everything from everyday life. Today we’ll have a look at an futuristic Etsy store that features futuristic steampunk items, most notably, steampunk jewelery.

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Etsy store with futuristic clothing – MoLeKuLa

I like to shop for futuristic clothing on Etsy as a way of checking what kind of futuristic designs are currently available on the market. Many talented people from around the world post their work there, so it’s a great place for checking out what’s the latest in the futuristic fashion design. The way that I do it is by putting “futuristic” in the search box there.
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